Crazy Rich Asians

Movie Review for the crazy rich asians

Hi Guys

This is my first ever movie review but I thought I should do it because I so fell in love with this movie and it’s has taught me that anything can happen so without further ado let’s begin.

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Blogger Recognition Award

Blogger Recognition Award #award

I want to say a big thank you to Anna for nominating me for this award. You can check out her amazing blog at Stralthy where she shares food recipes, beauty reviews and also some things in her life.

The Rules:

  • Thank the blogger that nominated you
  • Write a post to show your award
  • Give a brief story about how your blog started
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  • Select 15 bloggers, you want to give this award to
  • Comment on each blog to let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

How My Blog Was Created:

My blog was created because I wanted to share my story with people and I also wanted to document some of my journey through life so that someone else can learn from it and know what he/she shouldn’t do. I also wanted to share relationship advice and tips from my own perspective.

My Advice To New Bloggers:

  1. Whenever it feels like your blog is overwhelming you or you are bored with your blog (which happens to me all the time), just take a break from it all, no one is going to hold it against you, if you feel stressed out so take a break, relax your mind and I guarantee you that when you decide to come you will definitely fall in love with it again.
  2. Don’t give up easily, I know the world of blogging can be tough but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it.

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October Goals

October goals


Hi Guys,

I know I have not been posting any blog post lately, I have been extremely busy with school and some personal stuff.

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September Goals

My September 2018 Goals

August was a good month for my blog, for the first In my life I set some goals for my blog and I was able to achieve it (Yay me) now i am wondering why I haven’t done it before. It will be five months on September 4th since I started blogging and the journey so far has been nothing but amazing, I have learned so much in the last five months and I have made new friends who inspires me everyday. Plus,I have a mentor who I love and admire so much, she just inspires me with everything she does.


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10 Interesting Benefits of being single

In my last post I talked about reason why you are still single, in this post I want to share the benefits of being single.

Everyone thinks being single is a bad thing, I can personally say I was among those who always taught that being single is a bad thing (until I became single).

So here some of the things that I have done while being single, I can tell you that being single has its benefits and being single can be fun.

1. You can flirt with whoever you want without feeling guilty

When you are single, you can flirt with whoever you want without feeling guilty about it, I mean you can flirt with that person you have been crushing on without someone breathing down your neck and asking why you are flirting with other people.

2. Have more time to yourself

Single life is fun in such a way that you start to discover more of yourself and what you want in life, you get to love yourself more, during your self discovery you became happy and comfortable with who you are. You won’t have someone else to worry about and you get to appreciate the simple things in life like I have.

3. You become more self-reliant

When you are single, you start to depend on yourself for everything which is good you won’t have to depend on your partner if you eventually get into a relationship you won’t have to depend on your partner for everything. Explore your comfort zone and even push yourself to explore outside of it. Life is a learning experience and it’s always a great idea to have your own back through it all.

4. You get to save more money

When you are single, you get to save more money than if you are in a relationship, I mean you won’t have to think of buying something for your partner. Everyone knows, dating requires money especially with guys, and it’s an undeniable fact. So, if you are single, you tend to save more cash, avoid debts, and you could buy the things that you want. There will be no such things like “monthsaries”, “anniversaries” or “surprises” to think of.

5. Focus on dumping the emotional baggage brought on by your ex

If your last relationship ended really bad and you feel like you can’t get your ex out out of your mind then being single will definitely help you not getting over your ex but also help with the emotions that you would be facing after the break up.

6. You can focus more on your career

Being single will definitely help you focus on your career, you will be able to set goals for yourself, you will also be focused on meeting those goals because sometimes being in a relationships can be distracting especially if your partner is not in support of the career you choose. There are so many career opportunities for you out there just waiting for you to explore.

7. Travel

You get to travel wherever you want, you get to explore more without you feeling guilty about leaving your partner behind while you enjoy your trip,you get to take spontaneous trips without explaining anything to anyone (except your family and friends).

8. Go to shows

You get attend single people’s show (if there any show like that) and you get to go the movies.

9. You can pick up new hobbies

Being single I can honestly say I that I have picked up a new hobby and I can tell you that I love my hobby. If you are single you definitely need to get a new hobby even if it’s a weird hobby no one will question you if you picking up a weird hobby.

10. You will have more opportunities to find someone better

Being single has helped me figure out what I want in my future better half, it has helped reflect on my past relationships and what I did wrong and how to avoid it in my next relationship and also that I should be more careful with who I should to date. I am sure it this will also help you too on figuring out what qualities you want in your better half, someone who will love you and appreciate you for who you are.

One of the benefits of being single that I didn’t mention is that you will always be happy not that you won’t be happy if you are in a relationship but being single you will always make yourself happy and you won’t depend on someone else to make you happy.

What Confidence Means To Me

Everyone has their definition of what confidence means to them, so I decided to share my story and what confidence means to me.

I had just enter junior school and to me school was going to be fun, it was going to be an adventure I had never been to a public school before, from my kindergarten to elementary school I had gone to a private school so public school was definitely going to be exciting for me. In first term in school I had made friends at that time making friends came naturally to me, I was known school because I was the shortest girl in my class.

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11 Reasons Why You Are Still Single


So lately you have noticed that most of your friends have already gotten married or are in a relationship and you wonder why you are still single.

While some people might prefer to be single, if you are that kind of a person then this blog post is not for you but if you are the type of person that is wondering why you are still single then this blog post is for you.

There are some bad habits that single people fall and if you are guilty of one or two of them recognizing it and facing it head on may be key to opening up doors to longer lasting, quality relationship.

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Sunshine Blogger Award


  • Sunshine blogger Award

I want say big Thank You to @ShaniaBlogs for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award, I am very honored that you would even consider nominating me.

You can check out her amazing blog at Shania Blogs where she talks about lifestyle, beauty, fitness, fashion, food and books.

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Tips on How to Forgive Your Partner When You Have Been Cheated On


Being cheated on can be really devastating, no one prays for his or her partner to cheat on them but when it does happen, one‘s world will come crashing down and you will start blaming yourself, you will start wondering what you did wrong for your partner to cheat on you.

After you find out that you have been cheated on, a lot of things can feel overwhelming like how to address your partner and how to handle the situation.

I know how it feels to be cheated on, how it feels to feel has if you are not worth anything and is why I compiled this list to help you forgive and forget because there are just some things in this life that we can control.

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